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Dear Parents

Greeting from Morning Glorie!

When we set out on our adventure of child care, we had hoped to provide a platform for complete child care solutions. As we started, we realized that that is not just a huge world, but also a huge responsibility, which could not and should not be taken lightly... we were talking about children, our future… and we were talking about other people’s children

So, we decided to go slow on the journey. We decided to not jump into it all at once but take it one step at a time. We started in 2011 as a very small unit, a small preschool and day care, with just two 18-month olds (our heartfelt thanks to the parents of those two children, we would never be where we are without your trust and support).

And so, our journey began… we set out with some ideas in mind, and small preschool curriculum. And gradually we started to fine tune our ideas, work and rework our curriculum, and proudly got our first batch of graduates of the learning program in 2014. We al…
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I know, you read the title here, and warning bells start ringing around you. Me too. It’s how most of us are accustomed to reacting whenever we have anything to do with mental health. But you know what, that’s not how things are supposed to be. What we are only talking about here is basic stuff to begin with- our mood, our thoughts, especially now in these difficult times. Focus on yourself first-how differently are you feeling now as compared to “normal times”? sometimes good, when you think about all the good which this lockdown has brought- family time, good and clean air to breathe in, not getting stuck in traffic etc. The funny- the weird poses we all seem to take in trying to do jhadu pocha, me or my sister trying to do some kitchen work which we have never done before, with some pretty funny results (like parathas in all sorts of shapes and sizes). And then the bad- no maids, having to do all household chores yourself (or with your partner, but in any case chores you are not use…


"One of my 'co-workers' just flipped out because one pancake, of four, didn't have chocolate chips." “my co-worker (who is NOT the dog) licked me while I was on camera to get my attention and also as a joke.”-
“My co-worker keeps trying to steal my computer while shouting "I want do business!"” “My coworkers got into a screaming fight over a single Lego piece.”
Add to these posts like my co-worker yelled to go do potty while I was on a conference call. Or my co-worker doesn’t let me get on a conference call if he/she isn’t on the camera either. Welcome parents, to wfh during corona times. Tweets like these are just a way to infuse some humour in a tough situation. Because you know what? This is the best way for you to weather this storm. Most of you (who don’t regularly wfh) are used to having your kids at school, or a day care centre, and enjoy (or at times do not enjoy) a very different company. Now, you are juggling two worlds simultaneously. My sympathi…

Parenting in the 21st Century

Early 20s- graduation and a job Mid-20s- time to earn good money, enjoy life, may be do a Masters Late 20s- time to think about settling down, maybe get married, have a small kid

This is the time when a young parent struggles between so many things- the child who is the most precious thing in your life, spending time with her/him, yet being able to provide him/her the best life possible. We are all human, at times this becomes impossible to handle. A parent reaches the stage where they need to make hard decisions. The time has thus come to be separated from your child, while ensuring that s/he is left in a loving and caring atmosphere.

The various aspects you invariably look at? 1. What is the child to care giver ratio? Will your child be given enough individual attention? 2. Is your child safe with those in whom you are entrusting his/her care? 3. Is your child able to adjust being away from you? 4. Is your child being exposed to a healthy environment? Is s/he being given healthy food? Is hi…