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7 May - Covid Update

As we continue to deal with Covid, I am witnessing a whole variety of situations - at home, with friends and colleagues, neighbours, our parent body and so much more. My takeaways so far - 1. Maintain a positive outlook as far as humanly possible, especially if you are able to manage with homecare. Stress helps no one, on the contrary, it may be detrimental to your health and those close to you. 2. Help those that you can - with verified leads, medicines, hospital beds etc. I have personally seen my networks rally and bring help wherever needed. 3. Mask up! Please do not assume that you are safe just because you have been vaccinated or one report has come in negative. Till the virus can incubate, you are at risk, especially if there is even one case at home. Watch out for any symptoms, and even if there are no symptoms, maintain your chart - temperature, SPO2, pulse and any medication (even if just supplements) prescribed by your doctor. 4. Find a doctor - one who is available on call