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Life in the Times of Coronavirus - #Coworkers

"One of my 'co-workers' just flipped out because one pancake, of four, didn't have chocolate chips." “my co-worker (who is NOT the dog) licked me while I was on camera to get my attention and also as a joke.”- “My co-worker keeps trying to steal my computer while shouting "I want do business!"” “My coworkers got into a screaming fight over a single Lego piece.” Add to these posts like my co-worker yelled to go do potty while I was on a conference call. Or my co-worker doesn’t let me get on a conference call if he/she isn’t on the camera either. Welcome parents, to wfh during corona times. Tweets like these are just a way to infuse some humour in a tough situation. Because you know what? This is the best way for you to weather this storm. Most of you (who don’t regularly wfh) are used to having your kids at school, or a day care centre, and enjoy (or at times do not enjoy) a very different company. Now, you are juggling two worlds simul