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Online Homeschooling -The Smarter Education System

Online Homeschooling or home education is when the education of children happens outside the premises of an actual school or at a place structurally different from a typical school. It could be at home or a variety of different places other than the boundaries of a school. They are usually conducted by a parent, tutor, or an online teacher with methods that are less formal and more personalized according to the needs of the child, which is uncommon at a school. The structure of homeschooling depends on the party conducting the school or the attendee that is the student, it can go from highly structured to a more open and free form of schooling. Online Homeschooling- where school comes home, smarter and better In India, Homeschooling is fairly a new concept despite being practiced in the west for a long period of time. India is a country where traditional schooling still prevails at a very large scale giving little to no importance to practical and choice-based learning which can make i

Decoding "Tantrums" - Why Do We Feel Embarrassed By Them?

Some years back (many more than I would care to admit to),  I remember me and my cousins had gone out with our Aunt and Uncle and parents to the market. CP in Delhi as I recall, as posh as it could possibly get. My cousin at that point was a mere toddler, I may have been in my teens. As is quite common, not just with kids, but adults as well, he saw something in the market which he liked, and wanted. For xyz reason, he was refused. The result - he lay down in the middle of the shop, started crying, and refused to get up.  By any stretch of imagination, this scenario is not an uncommon one. Parents across the globe experience it, not just with toddlers, but even older children. Barring the last year and a half, when kids have primarily been at home, we have in our last decade of experience at Morning Glorie's preschool and daycare in South City1 Gurgaon, had many parents come to us and talk about how their baby was likely to "throw a tantrum" if they did not get what they

The Decade Long Journey - From Preschool and Daycare to Online Homeschooling

Almost 11 years ago, a mother and daughter set out with a dream - to set out on a journey and build something together. But, the million dollar question was, what temple would they build? What could they do together which would take both their skill sets to complement each other? And then it hit them - the mother-daughter duo would embark on a journey to support other mothers and fathers and their loved ones, their little ones. And so, after a period of much prep and love and labour, on 1 August 2011, Morning Glorie opened up her doors to welcome all little children and their parents, who were looking for a safe and loving space as they took the first steps towards their own new journey - a child learning to leave home for the first time to embark upon a learning journey, a parent looking to balance work with home, a parent looking to take the first step towards nudging their child into an unknown world.     At Morning Glorie, we grew along with each of our children. As they remained w

The Household - One Big Learning Aid for Your Toddler

Our parents' generation worked hard to make sure that they could offer us a chance at a better future than theirs. Our generation grabbed that opportunity to make sure that we could provide the best for our children too. The combination of better monetary resources and availability of a variety of options for our children has meant that we are able to give them all that is deemed necessary for their holistic growth and well being. This starts at an early age. Parents invest in various learning aids and toys and books as per their child's age and development needs. We see many ads and reviews for many different kinds of products. But, did you know, your household itself can provide many of the learning aids which your toddler needs? In fact, if you look closely, the household can actually be considered one big learning aid, with many smaller aids to facilitate learning on all possible fronts? Unlike many other learning institutes, the focus of Morning Glorie's online homesch

A Child - Individual and Unique

Every parent wants the best for their child - we do everything in our power to provide the best of opportunities to our children. This starts at quite a young age - sending your child to the best schools, giving them access to the best of resources, spending quality time with them to give them the best possible direction, as they grow older, sending them to the best of colleges, and so on and so forth. In this process, subconsciously or consciously, unintentionally, or sometimes intentionally, we tend to lose perspective. This may happen in two ways - Living Our Aspirations Through Our Children Parents living their own dreams through their children is not something new - this is something which is probably as old as time. It is perfectly natural to want our children to have better lives than we did, but sometimes, we end up with passing on our own aspirations to our children. This may be subconsciously done, but ends up guiding our choices right from the beginning. Making Comparisons A