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Online Homeschooling -The Smarter Education System

Online Homeschooling or home education is when the education of children happens outside the premises of an actual school or at a place structurally different from a typical school. It could be at home or a variety of different places other than the boundaries of a school. They are usually conducted by a parent, tutor, or an online teacher with methods that are less formal and more personalized according to the needs of the child, which is uncommon at a school. The structure of homeschooling depends on the party conducting the school or the attendee that is the student, it can go from highly structured to a more open and free form of schooling. Online Homeschooling- where school comes home, smarter and better In India, Homeschooling is fairly a new concept despite being practiced in the west for a long period of time. India is a country where traditional schooling still prevails at a very large scale giving little to no importance to practical and choice-based learning which can make i