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Personality Enrichment of Your Child - Understanding Before Guiding

Whenever you initiate an interaction with your child (be it a conversation, an activity, a game, even a trip to the park), there is a certain reaction you have in mind. That is a part of your assessment based on your own personality traits. And it may not matter how young your child is. Sometimes, your child may react exactly how you expected them to, sometimes, you are taken by surprise. Why does this happen? Personality Building and Development Every parent must have heard time and again that the early years of your child's life, specifically the first five years, are some of the most important ones. This is because they are building their own individual, unique personality even when they are infants and toddlers. The many kinds of stimuli they are exposed to help shape that to an extent, but every child still has an inherent personality which is unique to them. If we look back at our own experience at Morning Glorie, we have seen different children respond differently to the sam