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Dear Parents

Greeting from Morning Glorie!

When we set out on our adventure of child care, we had hoped to provide a platform for complete child care solutions. As we started, we realized that that is not just a huge world, but also a huge responsibility, which could not and should not be taken lightly... we were talking about children, our future… and we were talking about other people’s children

So, we decided to go slow on the journey. We decided to not jump into it all at once but take it one step at a time. We started in 2011 as a very small unit, a small preschool and day care, with just two 18-month olds (our heartfelt thanks to the parents of those two children, we would never be where we are without your trust and support).

And so, our journey began… we set out with some ideas in mind, and small preschool curriculum. And gradually we started to fine tune our ideas, work and rework our curriculum, and proudly got our first batch of graduates of the learning program in 2014. We also took care of children across age groups, from 3 months to 6 years to begin with, and understood that the whole journey wasn’t just preschool or childcare, it was a parenting journey.

It is a big world, which centred around each individual child. Each individual child has so many relationships around them- the parent, the teacher, the friend, the learning, the school, the Didi and so many more; their interactions with the child, their interactions with each other. It is a delicate ecosystem, which keeps evolving as each child grows.

And so, in this journey of ours, we have learnt a lot of things, with each child, with time, with each other…  sometimes we may notice a pattern, sometimes there may be two parallel roads which may never meet, or crossroads which meet and then move apart.

And we feel, that the time is now right for us to share the experiences from our journey. Our experiences across age groups, personality types, educational patterns, celebrating individual differences, finding common threads, all centred around children. We hope some of these experiences resonate with your own, and that some of these experiences also help you when you hit a road block.

Of course, each child is different, and we are not here to preach any guidelines. When bringing up a child, there is no right and no wrong, it is an individual’s journey. But if somewhere along, we can help each other, it would make us all just a little more complete.

We would be very happy to have your feedback and suggestions, as also for you to share your experiences, they would give us a different insight, and make us just a little richer.


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