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April 2021 - Dealing with Covid

The last one month has been tough all round. Friends, family, colleagues, children, their parents - every other household has a Covid story to tell. Someone in the family has Covid, you yourself have covid, perhaps a neighbour, a loved one - no individual is left unscathed. Either you are convalescing, or you are managing a household with Covid, or you are dealing with the loss of someone close, or if by the grace of God you are not dealing with any of the three, then you have been a Samaritan to those who need help.

Morning Glorie has been no different in this regard. MG family is suffering too - some of our team members are dealing with Covid - either personally, or in their close families, so are our children's families. Things have been difficult - parents are struggling at home as they have small kids to take care of, while the teachers are managing their health too.

It is in times like these that MG family truly feels like a family. The outpouring of love and support from all our babies and their parents has been heartwarming. At our end, we have tried to continue with our online homeschooling program to ensure that children have a sense of distraction while they are either away from their parents (where they are staying with relatives while to keep safe from Covid), or dealing with a stressful situation at home. On the other hand, we have our parents who have told us in clear terms to stop the classes and announce a summer break, or just share a set of activities, and focus on health first.

For each of us, the time right now is to focus on health. Team MG is also taking things one day at a time - the team stands as one as we take up the mantle for those who are presently unwell. My sincere request to everyone - stay safe, but very importantly, stay positive. this is as much a mental battle as it is a physical battle. Please reach out to friends and family, and help out those in need in any way that you can. This is a battle that must be fought together.

I will keep this one short. Sending out prayers and strength to everyone. 


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